Saturday, January 7, 2012

NYC Still Has Some Soul And Vajra is a Part of That

When I was twelve, I got really into female vocalists. It was like it suddenly just hit me that other beings like me existed in the world, and by listening to their music, I could feel a little less alone. I remember getting so pissed at my guy friends, when they would totally dismiss a band without even hearing them just because the singer was a girl. So you can imagine how big of a shithead traitor I feel like, a little over a decade later, when I sigh immediately to myself upon finding out a band is female fronted. I feel this way because of the Adeles- the ones I'm supposed to respect because they have powerful voices, even if I think the lyrics are crap; or the Porcelain Blacks that I'm supposed to love just because they're not Christina Aguilera, although they're relying on the same overused ploys and dated trickery.

Thank all that is (or isn't) holy, that this is not the case with Vajra, a progressive rock band with heavy Eastern Indian influences from New York City.

Any good band, no matter what the sex of their vocalist, starts with a musician. Someone who can feel the soul inside of music, who can conjure music from their own soul, and express it somehow. Annamaria Pinna is not only a talented musician, but one hell of a conjurer as well. In her voice, there is not only emotion, but power, truth, a sort of sense that there is more to music than just what we can hear. Vajra does not rely on Pinna's presence, or even her strong voice - it's clear that the band works as one to create their sound. The music itself is atmospheric, at once ethereal yet stirring. Part of you wants to meditate, part of you wants to move, go out, do things. Just as that paradox exists, there is also a paradox of hard and soft in Vajra's sound. It's the kind of music that means something different for each listener, in every different situation it's listened to. Vajra have created a world of sound that never falls short of what it promises.

You can hear them at, or visit their website at

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